Our History

Our History

Bruce and Jeanne Brosi operate the Hannibal Monument located at 340 South Hwy 61. They are proud of the company's rich heritage, and the fact that 5 generations of the Brosi family have been stone masons. Bruce's ancestor, G.H. Brosi learned the stone mason trade from his father in Germany. G.H. immigrated to Quincy, IL. in 1867. G.H.'s son, Arthur Brosi, was involved in the monument business in Quincy.

In 1942 James Kelley wanted to retire and he sold a ½ interest in Hannibal Monument to Arthur, with the understanding that one or both of Arthur's sons could buy the other ½ when they came home from the fighting in WWII. Roy, after spending some time in a POW camp in Germany had accumulated enough back pay to become a partner in the business. Lester joined soon after he returned from the fighting in the South Pacific. At that point, Hannibal Monument was run by a Father and two sons. In 1983 when Lester was ready to retire, Roy asked his son Bruce if he thought he would like to come into the business. Bruce accepted and for the next 20 years the company was again run by a father and son team.

As computer technology became available Bruce and Jeanne began phasing it in. Bruce and Jeanne are very proud of the fact that they can make a stone the old traditional way but have computer technology to help them.

Hannibal Monument has a large outdoor display of granite monuments. They sell a variety of items needed for the cemetery. Bruce and Jeanne will be happy to answer any questions you have and can help you design a fitting tribute to your loved one.

Located in the same location for over 60 years: 340 South Hwy 61. They can be reached at 573-221-1874.